Warehouse Money – teaching me a thing or two

When I was contacted by Warehouse Money I knew I couldn’t say no. The Warehouse is a brand we all know and trust and I will only work with brands that I truly believe in. I mean c’mon, who doesn’t love the red shed?

I am not usually one for sponsored posts but when they approached me, it couldn’t have been at a better time. Since having Baxter, life has changed in so many ways and insurance etc is now more important than ever.

I am terrible with this type of stuff, and have always had the attitude “oh, I won’t ever need it”. Wrong. I will one day and I’ll be grateful for having it. And currently, I don’t.

Save your hate and judgment, this collab has been a big kick in the butt and it’s educated me so a win win. You’d be surprised by how many people in NZ don’t have any insurance at all! The recent Warehouse Money Matters survey proved 9% of Kiwi families have no insurance and 20% of Kiwi’s who don’t have children have no insurance. The stats clearly show that once children come into the picture, your priorities change. It’s no longer just about you and you need to think about the future more than ever.

Warehouse Money has 5 different types of insurances including car, home and contents, travel and health (will cover this in another post). They also offer two great value Visa credit cards, each with great benefits. The Warehouse Money Visa Card offers 5% discount at The Warehouse and the Purple Visa Card offers rewards.

I’ve always assumed that insurance isn’t useful. It’s money that I can better use elsewhere. Since delving into it further, I’ve realised I couldn’t have been more wrong. These insurances are there to cover you in your time of need and as I get older and my family grows I am realising that when I am in need, I am going to be thankful I took out protection for myself, my belongings and my family. With this collaboration and the recent earthquakes, my brain is working overtime when it comes to securing my possessions and ensuring I am covered by insurance should I need it.

We’re planning a holiday soon so Travel Insurance will be on the top of our list to ensure we’re covered for everything and with a house purchase in the process, home and contents insurance is a must.

The thing that I love about Warehouse Money is that the website is so easy to use and navigate. It clearly states what I am getting for my money and what it covers. A lot of other companies may provide an equally good product but I find they use a lot of jargon and aren’t always clear and upfront about their offering.

Warehouse Money is making Insurance cover easy and accessible to all kiwis and their family with a range of financial services at really affordable prices. They offer travel insurance, health insurance, car insurance and home & content’s insurance. You can easily purchase or get quotes on all their insurances online (at warehousemoney.co.nz), over the phone and you get brochures and application forms at any The Warehouse store!




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