Treat yo’self

Michael Hill Jeweller is one of those iconic NZ brands that we all know and love. When they reached out and wanted to work with me I squealed with excitement (legit, I actually did). The coolest part? They wanted to gift me some Jewellery and I got to pick the pieces that I liked from their extensive range.

The company started in 1979, when Michael Hill and his wife, Christine, opened their first store in Whangarei. I am for all supporting NZ brands, especially when it involves bling.

Since having Baxter, I really don’t buy things for me anymore – like, ever and I sure as hell don’t wear a lot of Jewellery (except that cheap shit that makes your ears itchy) because Baxter seems to grab at EVERYTHING.

His first birthday has been and gone are the days of sexy silicone teething beads around my neck, I can finally break out them chains again without the worry of grubbing little fingers yanking on them.

I wanted to pick pieces that reflected me and my story. I am not one to wear really extravagant and out there pieces, I am more of a simple kinda girl. Less is more, right?

When Baxter was born I purchased a ring to signify his birth, and on his 1st birthday, his father proposed to me! The ring is the most beautiful family heirloom, which belonged to his father’s mum and is over 80 years old. I love wearing pieces that hold real meaning or mark an important milestone in life.

So, I bet you’re all wondering what I picked.


To me, the silver infinity necklace represents the love I have for my family – never ending.

I’m a total sucker for Rose Gold and simple. I wanted some nice earrings that weren’t made from cheap unhygienic materials, which were also Mum friendly. So I picked these Rose Gold Studs. I am not one to wear dangly earrings, as they just don’t suit me so these were a must for me.

And lastly, I picked this dainty Rose Gold bracelet. It will go perfectly with my Rose Gold apple watch and as Reuben is home with Baxter during the day I don’t have to worry about my bracelet dangling in the way during nappy changes (ew).

Now, obviously Rose Gold and Silver I hear you say? I am really funny about my Jewellery. I will wear all Silver, Gold or all Rose Gold and not mix and match. Surely I am not the only one? So I wouldn’t be wearing all of these pieces at once.

I am super lucky to have been able to collaborate with Michael Hill on this post, I’ve worked bloody hard over the last 2 years with the blog and all of this somewhat signifies the hard work I have put in. Each time I look at them I will remember how far I have come.

When it comes to picking a wedding band for Reuben we will most definitely be heading to Michael Hill for their help and assistance as we love their selection.


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