Q & A – Part 1

  • What do you do for a job?
    This is by far my most asked question, ever. Aside from the obvious (a Mum of two), I’m a lifestyle + birth Photographer, a blogger and I have just returned to work full-time where I manage an agency that specialises in digital storytelling + social media. How do I manage? Some days I don’t and some days are a struggle but I choose to be busy, I always have been and don’t really know any different. If you love what you do it’s not an issue.
  • How was the transition from having one kid to two, especially 2 under 2? And with Lily being planned (?) how did you come to that decision when Bax was so young?
    Double love
    Double trouble
    Double mess
    Double nappies
    Double worry and guilt as a mum
    For me, I don’t love one less or more. I love them equal and so fucking much. It’s amazing. My heart is so full from these two I could have never imagined.
    We wanted a small age gap, it worked well for us and our family. There is 18 months between the two and we couldn’t have timed it any better.
  • Where did you get your tattoo from?
    Char (Nursey) from Dr Morse Inc Tattoo Studio done my forearm tattoo. I absolutely love it, she done an amazing cover up on an old arm tattoo,
  • Do you have a night-time routine for your kids?
    Yes and no but nobody falls apart if we don’t do the same thing every night. We’re pretty relaxed, as are the kids.
  • How did you and your partner meet?
    Funnily enough we met on Facebook. Friends in common, he used to message me binge a creeper. I messaged him one day and said we should do coffee. We met for a drink (the first time meeting in person). He came back to my apartment later that day and literally never left. His dad turned up at the balcony of my apartment one day with a box of his shit. I kid you not. That same box is still in the wardrobe, he keeps it – hahaha.
  • How the heck do you get your beautiful bubbas to sleep in your office? (My guy has to “chat” if anyone else is in the room haha)
    Sadly I don’t have a straightforward answer, sorry! We’ve been totally blessed in the sleep department when it comes to the kids. I however have the WORST insomnia evvvvurrr. We have a pretty relaxed environment at the office which enabled the kids to also be chill plus when I have them with me, I’m in my own office so it’s pretty quiet and they’ll happily just zonk out in the portacot.
  • How did you get into blogging?
    I guess you could say I just fell into it. It was never something I set out to do or ‘wanted to do’. I just started to write when I was pregnant via a private, unpublished WordPress blog. A few people read it and said I should publish it. Once day, I took the plunge with zero expectations and it just took off. A few posts went viral and it grown from there.
  • Where do you buy the kids clothes from?
    I shop at a mixture of places for the kids. Both online and in-store. I love Jaxon Rose, Little Flock of Horrors, Jamie KayBuck & Baa, LTL PPL, Beau Hudson, Cotton On, Bonds, Postie Plus & The Warehouse. There will be so many more that I’ve forgotten off the top of my head but I love mix of supporting a few local businesses who make amazing quality threads and also a few bigger and more expensive brands because the quality is great and they last. I also love some of the more cheaper stuff because well, kids.
  • Where did you get the names Baxter and Lily from, and what made you choose them?
    I wish I could say we had a cool story, but we really don’t – haha. Baxter was a name Reuben threw in the mix and we both loved it, it wasn’t super common and it stuck so we rolled with it. I loved the name Roscoe but he is definitely a Baxter so we chose well. Lily was going to to be Millie but we changed our minds about half way through, we settled on Lily because my lovely Grandma’s (who passed away from Cancer) middle name was Lillian. And I wanted to keep a piece of her alive in the kids. I know she would just adore both of them. Middle names, Baxter is Baxter Louie (we couldn’t figure one out) and I looked at a Louis Vuitton in my wardrobe (materialistic much, hahaha) and it flowed well with Baxter so we had a winner. And Lily is Lily Luca which just had a really nice ring to it.

    I am planning my next Q & A post (as this has actually been sitting here unpublished for MONTHS). So pop a comment on the Facebook post and add your question in x


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