New kind of love

The feeling that came over me when I met my son for the first time was unreal, it’s a feeling that you could never explain to another person – you have to experience it. I heard people talk about it in the past but always thought ‘it’s your baby, of course you’ll love it’. I have never experienced such a strong bond for a person that I’ve just met for the first time, although he’s lived inside me for the last 9 months nobody could have prepared me for the feels.

I felt so protective, so suddenly. I see horrible things on the news and on Facebook involving babies/kids and they really affect me now (more than they used to) as I now have a child and can only imagine the pain a parent would go through.

I am responsible for this life, this little vulnerable life who is so dependent on me. So helpless, and so damn loveable.

That first gummy smile, my heart literally skipped a beat, I felt this overwhelming sense of happiness that I struggle to put into words. The first time he met my parents, my partners parents – I felt so proud. That moment first thing in the morning when he wakes and I lean over the bassinet and say ‘good morning’ and he gives me a big smile, that makes any shitty day good.

It’s a new kind of love, a feeling I wouldn’t change for the world.

First smiles

First smiles


  1. themundanewriter November 8, 2015 / 9:11 pm

    Awesome read – really gives you ‘the feels’ 🙂

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