Mum friendly mornings at So You Hair

The last time I visited a hair salon was before I got pregnant so we’re talking over a year and a half ago. I was feeling adventurous a month or so ago and decided I would attempt a home ombre job. What was I thinking? A pleasant shade of morange was not what the box described. I’ve since been told this has been dubbed “h’ombre”. I’m not sure if that’s home or horrible, I’ll roll with home.

Pregnancy really screwed with my hair, it was super dry, then it was super oily. The one positive was it grew, a lot! Then I had Baxter and lots fell out.

After some research, I found out a local salon, So You Hair offers ‘Mum friendly mornings‘ on the 1st Tuesday of every month. The idea scared me at first as my anxiety came back about public outings. Would he behave long enough to sit in a salon while they fixed my shit ombre job? How would it work out? What if I needed to change or feed him? Would the other customers get annoyed?

It couldn’t have gone better.

I arrived and was greeted by the salon owner, Abbie, she was super welcoming and Baxter was as flirty as always. The staff were so amazing and accommodating.

He happily sat on my knee with some toys I’d taken along and watched as Abbie worked her magic on my hair. Yes, of course, my worst fear happened, he did a horrific poo which had me embarrassed and a little nervous. I changed him with no dramas and all was fine. He did get a bit grizzly at one point which of course sent my anxiety sky high but the staff were great about it and there were two others clients in the salon at the time without children and they were perfectly okay with it too.

After some rocking and shushing he finally went to sleep in my arms while I was relaxing at the basin getting the most amazing head massage ever. I fed him once he woke up and he was back to his giggly, gummy smiled self.

The salon is gorgeous and luxurious! The decor is on point and they have the most divine product range available from the likes of R+Co & Davines.

Being a mum with a young babe, it’s hard to make time to pamper yourself (or have somebody fix your crappy h’ombre) so to find that these mum friendly mornings were available at So You Hair was music to my ears.

I left the salon feeling like a total goddess and have had nothing but compliments!

The experience was fun and I couldn’t recommend Abbie and her team enough. They’re just so welcoming and understanding it really comes as a huge relief to not have to find a babysitter or worry that your wee one will lose their shit – cos it’s okay if they do. They’re able to warm up food and bottles if needed too! I’m actually looking forward to going back!

For more info visit or give the team a call on 04 473 6919 and of course, they’re on Facebook and Instagram!

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