Living in fear

This whole baby thing has me living in fear and doing really strange things. Here’s just a few;

  • I’m laying in bed peacefully; sometimes (not often) enjoying sleep and I hear noises that resemble a Guinea pig from the bassinet. I pretend to be asleep, he gets louder.
  • He’s fallen asleep in the car (which is great) now I’m contemplating the dreaded transition from the car seat to the bassinet.
  • He’s finally asleep (or so we think) there’s a weird gurgling sound, is he choking? It goes quiet, is he breathing?
  • I want to go out and have a delicious, real coffee, at a place that isn’t my home and I live in fear for his first public meltdown.
  • I’ve just changed his bum, lay him down and he starts doing ‘that’ face. Reeeeally?
  • On the odd occasion I leave the house, people talk to me and I find my automatic response is now ‘shhhh’.
  • I was sitting at the doctors the other week, without baby and found myself rocking side to side. I must have looked like some sort of drug seeker.
  • We’re in the car, happily driving around, stop at the lights and he starts crying. Only thing to do is pump the brake, others around me think I’m crazy, fellow parents understand. Mummies unite.

What weird things do you do?

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