I’m a 31 year old Mum of two living in Wellington, New Zealand with my fiancé Reuben and stupidly fluffy cat Tinker. In August 2015 I became a new mum to a handsome little man called Baxter and my life changed forever. We welcomed the final member to our Wolfpack in April 2017. Her name is Lily and we feel so complete.

I’ve taken the no bullshit approach to my blog because I say it how it is and I see no reason to falsify it. I wish I had found a blog like mine when I was pregnant so it could have better prepared me for the realities of parenthood.

I work full time as a Social Media Advisor for the fuzz. Reuben runs his own business from home and is also a stay-at-home-dad..

I love being a Mum and I couldn’t imagine my life any other way now.

It’s raw, and it’s real.
Enjoy! x