A life update

My last blog post was on the 1st of Jan this year. If that doesn’t summarize how 2020 has been as a year then I don’t know what does?

So what’s happened in the last few months?

We’ve had a global pandemic (still amongst it), Lily turned 3, Baxter turned 5 and set off for school and today marks the end of our first school holidays. We also lost my dear Nana 🙁

2020 has been a mood and I’m not here for it. It’s tested every ounce of my being and I am settled by the fact that Christmas stock is starting to appear in stores meaning this year is almost behind us! I am taking a fresh approach on Christmas this year and I am looking forward to a new year!

For somebody who already struggles in social situations, the not seeing people/going out during lockdown didn’t take a toll on me as much as it would have with others as I am home-body anyway.

Home is my safe place, the kids drove me nuts (on top of working full-time) but we adjusted right, we had no other choice – we made it happen, we showed up (we couldn’t leave) and we got shit done and here we are thinking ‘did that actually happen?’. I was classed as an essential worker but was able to work solely from home which meant not putting either of my bubbles at risk. I managed to tackle some stuff around the house and made use of the extra time at home.

Lily turned 3 over some of the stricter parts of the first lockdown. Ensue panic.

I was lucky an amazing friend make a cake and delivered it to our door (adhering to alert level restrictions), we had a face-time party with our immediate family where we blew out candles and sung and her birthday gifts consisted of anything sold by businesses deemed essential – ha! And thankfully most supermarket stock a small number of gifts/toys these days.

Bax turned 5 and I’m a school mum now. What the actual? He had 4 weeks there before our first lot of school holidays which we’ve managed to navigate successfully. He is super excited to be going back tomorrow which is awesome!

I’ve been asked by lots of people to put a school blog together but truth to the matter is we didn’t look around, we’d heard amazing things about our local school and well, it’s 5 minutes from our house. Some of his old kindy friends are there and some of our local friend’s kids are there so everything has fallen into place perfectly. It’s on the way to Kindy for Lily so with some small adjustments it’s actually been a really smooth transition. Lily understands that Bax is at school now and she is still at kindy.

We’ve also seen HUGE improvements in Lily’s speech since Baxter has gone to school and is no longer answering for her or finishing her sentences. It’s been a really big change for the kids but they’ve taken it in their stride and both have really stepped up so I am super proud of them. It’s also made the changes a lot easier on Mum & Dad!

I’ve set a goal with myself to get at least one blog a week up so feel free to touch base if there is anything you want me to cover 🙂


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